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Hottness In The Flesh

Hott girls.
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glitter made by: vuitton_playa

♥1. No one un the age or 14 years.♥
♥2. The Mods are goddess so treat them like it.♥
♥3. MUST MUST LJ cut your picture.♥
♥4. Put The Mods own me in your title to prove you've read the rules and put "Am I Hott?" for your cut.♥
♥5. Cant take critism dont join.♥
♥6. Promote and if you dont do it in your app. you WONT get accepted!♥
♥7. Do not post to any other entry until accepted. ♥
♥8. You must post application within twenty-four hours of joining.♥
♥9. Put your accepted stamp in your info.♥
♥10. Bold the questions in your application.♥
♥11. If you're rejected you can try up to three times with different pictures.♥

llxsweetestsin Not following rule 4 and 7.
imfaceless_mayb Not even joining and being rude as fuck when he doesn't belong.
liface Not joining and commenting with stupid shit.
kittylette Just being an idiot..
blndwitdaboo_t Being a dumb cunt.

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♥Likes and Dislikes♥
Turn Ons -
Turn Offs -
Favorite band(s) -
Least favorite band(s) -
The song you can't get enough of -
The song that is completly over played -
Favorite movies -
Favorite colour -
Favorite food -
Favorite outfit (picture if possible) -
Favorite activity -
Favorite famous hot chick -
♥Opinions On♥
Suicide -
War -
Racism -
Censorship -
Life -
Drugs -
Porn -
Plastic surgery -
Yourself -
What do you hold close to you and why-
What do you think of Barbie-
What would you define your self as-
What is your biggest fear-
Who do you look up to-
Where did you hear of this-
Why should we accept you-
Promote us and send me the link-
Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, or Jenna Jameson?-
(3 or more picture and if possible 1 body shot)

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